The Consulting Practice of Daksh is primarily focused at offering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) a full suite of financial services which will support and strengthen their business operations and facilitate their rapid growth.

There is a paradigm shift in business vision of the entrepreneur driven SMEs.  From being ‘Once an SME Always an SME’ mindset and surviving  on government handouts, subsidies and waivers, there is a new found vision of rapid growth driven by the entrepreneur’s passion for business.  The last decade has shown that with knowledge, acumen and enterprise an SME can become a large successful organization, which creates huge value for all its stakeholders, promoters, investors, employees, community etc.   Some shining examples are Bharti Airtel, GMR, GVK Infrastructure, Yes Bank, Pantaloon etc.

But often a successful entrepreneur’s vision for his company is sabotaged because of absence or shortage of critical resource commonly known as ‘Managerial bandwidth’. Entrepreneur often wishes he had a strong capable team who shares his zeal and responsibilities to establish excellence in different areas of operations and solve the myriad issues that emerge during an organization’s growth.
In its Consulting Practice, Daksh has partnered Delta Square and RCS Advisors to ensure comprehensive and exceptional services to its clients.