Outsourced CFO

The Outsourced CFO service is essentially created just for SMEs run by entrepreneurs passionate about their business, who wish to grow rapidly but in the current market scenario are unable to find people who share their passion for organization building.† The Outsourced CFO brings his expertise, knowledge and experience to partner the entrepreneur.

My Company already has a CA? How is a CFO different?

A professional CA provides the crucial services of audit, direct and indirect tax advice, certification and review of regulatory compliance.† He often goes as far as actually providing services such as accounting, filing returns, managing regulatory compliances etc on behalf of the organization.

However the CFO steps in to fill in the critical GAP in the management team.† He partners† with the entrepreneur to:
Shape organizationís vision and determine a roadmap based on that vision
Develop business blueprint and convert it into business plans and budgets which define† targets that are easily understood
Helps communicate the targets to all the teams and stakeholders of the organization
Builds a finance function and capability to efficiently capture, collate, analyze and present data to support decision making and operations
Facilitate informed decision making by running analytical tools such as scenario analysis, what if analysis, cost benefit analysis etc.
Put in mechanisms to ensure smooth reporting to different stakeholders
Put in and manage a structure for Corporate Governance

A CFO comes with an experience and wealth of knowledge and an ability to work in partnership with the entrepreneur, to determine strategies and take execution responsibilities.† A CA does none of this because of the very nature of his service offerings and engagement. Neither can replace the other.

Why Outsourced CFO?

Because hiring a CFO is often not an option:
good talent is scarce
good CFOs are expensive
If there is not enough interesting work for the CFO, retention becomes an issue.
If there is not enough work then why hire a full time CFO?
An Outsourced CFO is a model based on concept of ďPay As You UseĒ. It is aimed at SMEs who need a CFO but want to limit their costs.

Why Daksh?

Daksh has experienced resources who have worked as a CFO in large organizations and who understand the requirements of the business from its CFO. They have also experienced working in complex organizations as part of cross functional teams to scale up businesses rapidly.

The Outsourced CFO from Daksh has a hands on approach to business and shares the entrepreneurís passion for building a successful organisation. He is proactive in anticipating changes to business environment and finding solutions to business problems. He provides all that is asked of a CFO without being a burden on the business. He is paid for his time but his real reward is seeing the entrepreneurís dream taking shape.

The Outsourced CFO from Daksh also assists the entrepreneur in identifying gaps in other areas of business.† Daksh partners with Delta Square, a strategy consulting firm to enlarge the consulting offerings. Delta has a panel of experts from different spheres of business.