Financial Planning

Financial Planning

"Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances"

It helps people achieve their goals, whether it is buying a home or a car, creating a corpus for children's education, protection for the family through insurance, creating wealth by investing hard earned money wisely, debt management or saving for golden years.

Role and responsibilities of a financial planner

The financial planner, if an analogy is drawn, is like a family doctor who cares for the financial well being of the family, using preventive care most of the time and curative measures sometimes.

The planner does this by spending time understanding the client’s financial position and exploring their financial goals and ambitions.

This engagement matures into a lifetime relationship of trust which confers on the planner numerous professional responsibilities towards the client and that is why the financial planner can also be called the family’s financial doctor.

The financial planner is responsible for:

  • Helping clients take informed decisions about their money
  • Creating a comprehensive financial plan covering all aspects of their financial well- being, ranging from wealth protection to wealth creation
  • Assisting clients choose products that meet their risk profiles and specific needs
  • Reviewing the client’s financial situation periodically and revise the plan accordingly